The Napa Valley

Legendary Napa Valley

America’s Premier Wine, Food, Arts and Wellness Destination 

Come experience The Legendary Napa Valley — where world-class wines, friendly faces, historic surroundings, miles of nature preserves, and a spirit of wellness set a slower pace, inviting you to relax, savor, and restore.
Our farm-to-table culinary scene will delight you, with more Michelin stars per capita than any other wine region in the world.
You’ll receive a warm welcome in our winery tasting rooms, where you’ll feel a rush of excitement on your palate when you sample our legendary wines.
A vibrant art, live music and performance community will scratch your cultural itch.
And our healing hot-spring waters, crisp-clean air and luxurious spa resorts will renew you.
You’ll want to stay a little longer.
Explore the valley at

Explore the valley at

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