“This Blessed Plot” Film

NapaShakes has received a grant to create a short film called “This Blessed Plot.” It follows a mysterious redhead making a mad dash up the Napa Valley, and brings together people of all walks of life in Napa Valley: school kids to first responders to Congressmen, residents, visitors and workers, winemakers, chefs and cellar rats – each speaking lines from Shakespeare that relate to their daily lives in this extraordinary place. Shakespeare’s words are combined to create a coherent flowing portrait of the Napa Valley, filmed in a wide variety of both interior and exterior locations. The culmination of the film includes a version of John of Gaunt’s “This Sceptred Isle” speech, filmed in locations with a spectacular vista of the valley, and the final words changed to: “this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this…Napa Valley.” The goal of the film is to demonstrate the enduring relevance of Shakespeare’s words, while building a timeless portrait of the Napa Valley to inspire visitors and locals – and rekindle their love of Shakespeare.  NapaShakes is filming its first short film, sponsored by a grant from the Napa County Board of Supervisors and by the supporters of NapaShakes. #thisblessedplot

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